How To Setup Mywifiext

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How To Setup Mywifiext

Mywifiext Local gives you a guarded connection for your network, phones and PC. You can have good wifi network connectivity in the dead zones with the help of Mywifiext range extenders and it can be used in two modes – Extender mode and Direct mode. If you wish to install Mywifiext Local as a direct … Continue reading “How To Setup Mywifiext”

mywifiext local

The extender has a local web address which is Mywifiext. There is an index file where the local address, which stands for settings panel, is stored. You will be redirected to this index file when mywifiext.net web address is opened in your browser, where you will be asked for login credentials. If you wish to … Continue reading “mywifiext local”

Genie Setup

Dealing with your router is more entertaining now with the new look-and-believe and the convenience of the Netgear Genie. You can now use one set of login credentials for all the Netgear accounts that you have, as Netgear genie supports a Single Sign-On (SSO) now. You can also effectively monitor, connect, and control your home … Continue reading “Genie Setup”