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Netgear Genie

Dealing with your router is more entertaining now with the new look-and-believe and the convenience of the Netgear Genie. You can now use one set of login credentials for all the Netgear accounts that you have, as it supports a Single Sign-On (SSO) now. You can also effectively monitor, connect, and control your home internet network from a tablet or cell phone. With Netgear Genie you can do a lot of things like share and stream music or videos, analyse and fix system issues, set up parental controls and much more. You can download the Netgear Genie according to your device.

Remotely Accessing Your Router Using The Netgear Desktop Genie

You can remotely access your router with your Netgear Genie and configure the settings from your phone or tablet. There are some requirements for it like a wireless or wired computer, internet browser such as internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and the latest version of the Netgear Desktop Genie. Now in order to have the remote access for your extender you need to install the Netgear Genie on your local computer and your remote computer and open the Netgear Genie software on the local computer. Now click on the router settings and select Remote Access for Login as. Create your Remote Genie account by clicking on Signup and fill in all the blank fields given there.

After you successfully create your account a verification email will be sent to you which you have to open and verify. When you verify the account you need to go back to the Desktop Genie on your local computer and login with the account you just created. Click on the Register button to register your device and click logout. Now open the Netgear Desktop Genie software from your remote computer, go to the Router Settings and login with your Remote Access Genie account. When you are successfully logged in you will be able to see a cloud icon on the top right corner of the Desktop Genie window. If you see this it means that you can now remotely manage this feature of the router.

netgear genie app

Netgear Genie With Remote Access

You can get to your network through Netgear genie even when you are away from home as soon as you empower the remote access feature. The Netgear Genie remote feature helps you to analyse and fix system issues, gives guest access, looks at the network map and it even reboots your router and you can do all this from your tablet or smartphone.

netgear genie

Netgear Genie For Android

Now you can easily manage, monitor and fix your home network with the Netgear Genie App from the palm of your hand itself. You can access your router’s various features while you are on your home network, anywhere in the home, without even booting your computer:

Its many features include –
  • Wireless Settings
  • Network Map
  • Live Parental Controls
  • Guest Access
  • Traffic Metering
  • My Media

and much more that you can find on it. All that is required is your tablet or cell phone and the Netgear genie App.