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The extender has a local web address which is Mywifiext. There is an index file where the local address, which stands for settings panel, is stored. You will be redirected to this index file when mywifiext.net web address is opened in your browser, where you will be asked for login credentials.

If you wish to make changes and frames in your basic and advanced setting on your mywifiext website, you can log in to mywifiext.net and change the settings accordingly, as this website helps you to access your mywifiext.
You can setup your device easily from Mywifiext Local page and in case you face issues related to the setup you can always contact us by call, email or chat support and our professional tech support team will be available for your assistance 24/7.

How To Setup Mywifiext

Mywifiext Local gives you a guarded connection for your network, phones and PC. You can have good wifi network connectivity in the dead zones with the help of Mywifiext range extenders and it can be used in two modes – Extender mode and Direct mode. If you wish to install Mywifiext Local as a direct mode you can follow the following steps for it –

  • First you need to plug your mywifiext
  • Your cell phone should be connected to the network of the extender
  • Now you need to choose the new extender setup and fill in the fields required there
  • Next you will see the Genie setup page, where you need to select the network type. There will be some options available there to select from like private network, home network or public network. Select and fill in the required details.

For the installation of the extender you can refer to our site Mywifiext-local but in case you still face issues, then you can contact us on our toll free number 1-855-474-5599. Our technical team will be available for your assistance and help you with any router-extender connection problem or malicious software problem or any other errors that you might be getting in its installation.

Our technical support at Mywifiext will be there for your help in any critical situation regarding your extender. Running your mywifiext setup is very simple, you just need to configure you Mywifiext. net connection. Once it is configured successfully, you can place it at a place where you want your wifi signals to be boosted and connect your devices with it. That’s the only thing required because after configuring it once you won’t have to configure it over and over again while taking it around.

If in case you are unable to set it up or configure it, you can always call us at our toll free number and get the required professional technical assistance for your extender. Our expert team will help you to connect your extender to mywifiext.net and get the support you need for it.

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Mywifiext Local Setup

Mywifiext Local is a web address which opens the settings of mywifiext. You might see an error message or you may not be able to connect to the website when you open your site link to setup your connection. Your extender must be connected to your workstation by wireless connection for setup. You can further setup your mywifiext with the assistance of the technicians and get the long distance connectivity that you need for your home or office. Network boosters can also help you connect your devices.