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If you wish to setup your Netgear WiFi Extender manually, first open your browser and then go to the offline web page www.mywifiext.net. By opening this page you will be straightaway directed to the new extender setup page, where you will be able to see the steps to setup your Netgear extender.

WWW.MYWIFIEXT.NET is not a regular internet site but it’s a local web address which opens the new extender setup page or the Genie page or the Netgear smart wizard of your Netgear wireless range extender, because of this you might face an error message saying you are not connected to the Netgear wifi range extender.

How To Connect Your Netgear Extender Using mywifiext.net

There are various steps given below to con-nect your Netgear extender using mywifiext.net which you can follow step by step and connect easily. However there is one important thing to know, that is, www.mywifiext.net is not a regular website but it is a local web address for the configuration of your Netgear extender.

Steps to connect your Netgear extender –

  • Switch on your Netgear extender and look for the power on light on it
  • Check if your home router has internet access
  • Grab any of your device and connect it to the Netgear extender network
  • Once you are connected you will be directed to the setup page but in case you are not automatically directed to it then you can either type WWW.MYWIFIEXT.NET or the IP on the address bar of your browser
  • After clicking the setup button you will see it scan for available networks. When you see your home network, select it and click continue.
  • The next page which you will see is of the extended network. You can change the name of your extender if you so wish, on this page but if not then you can click continue.
  • After applying the setting to your extender it will ask to connect your device to the new available network
  • If there are any firmware updates available on your extender then you need to update it from the set up page

Your extender is ready now and you can move around to place it anywhere for the best wifi connectivity to the dead zones of your house or office.

Connect Netgear Extender Using Mywifiext.Net