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What To Do When Your New Extender Login –
Mywifiext Extender Setup Page Is Not Loading The Setup?

Even after your extender may connect to AP by the help of the WPS button, you might face some issues connecting the Mywifiext extender manually. Though Netgear has a default web page address, that is, Mywifiext.net, for the setup of Netgear wifi extender settings, you might not be able to see any page for setup but it might show a website with a normal page or shows an error on the page. This error comes when you are not properly connected to the network or your wifi extender has no connection with your main network.

In this case –

  • You need to ensure that your network cables are connected to your wifi modem in the right manner.
  • Ensure that your modem is working properly
  • At least lights are lowing on the modem
  • If all the above is right then you can switch off your modem and turn it on again and try to reconnect your extender with your modem

When you will be successfully connected to the network you will be able to see the MYWIFIEXT web page but if you are still not able to see the page you need to recheck your network settings.

Another way to connect your NETGEAR wireless range extender to your modem via the Ethernet cable is by the IP address which can be used in place of www.mywifiext.net.

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