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How To Setup Your Netgear Extender As An Access Point

The Netgear extender can be used both as a wifi range extender or an access point. If you wish to use it as an extender put on extender mode and if you wish to use it as an access point then it should be put on access point.

In order to use your extender as an access point, follow the following steps –

  • You need to connect your Netgear extender and check if the green power light is on
  • Your Netgear extender should be connected to your main router via Ethernet cable
  • You can connect any wireless device with your Netgear extender (NETGEAR_EXT)
  • In order to go on the NETGEAR Genie set up page, type www.mywifiext.net or www.mywifiext.com or type the IP, on the address bar of your browser
  • When it asks you ‘How would you like to setup your extender?’ you need to select access point there.
  • After you select access point the option of continuing to the Setup wizard will come. You need to click continue to connect the extender to your network
  • If you wish to change the username and password of your extender you can do it now and click continue
  • Your settings will be confirmed with a new window opening on your computer. You can now connect your wireless device on the new available network and your extender will be ready to use when you see all the green lights lighted up on it.