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Works With All Wifi Routers

There are no compatibility issues with the Netgear extenders as they work with all kinds of wifi routers including those given by the internet service providers. You don’t need any kind of adjustment of settings of your main router while setting it up.

Key features include:

  • Seamless roaming
  • Crossband
  • Spot finder technology for best placement
  • Works with any router

Easy Setup:

  • CD less setup
  • Setup from any wireless device (mobile devices, ipad, computer)
  • Push and connect using Wifi protected setup (WPS)

Netgear Wifi Boosters (Netgear Extenders and Repeaters)

The Netgear wifi extender increases or boosts up your router’s wifi signal and it acts as repeaters for it. This does not need any wires or cables to be setup and it’s very easy to install them too. With the Netgear wifi range booster you will be able to use internet without any interruption in your dead zones too as it clears all dead zones, providing full signal and connectivity.