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Netgear WN3000RPV Setup

Problems with wireless signal coverage is a very common problem with internet connections. Sometimes you might experience signal coverage in some areas of the house and in some you are stuck with delayed buffering or your device might not have the wireless capability. If you struggle with such problems, the Netgear EX-WN3000RPV will help you solve it and give you great signal coverage throughout your home.

Requirements For The Extender –

  • Wired or wirelessdevice like computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Wireless router / gateway with working internet connection
  • Browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome

Installing The WN-3000RPV Wireless Range Extender Through Netgear Genie Smart Setup –

  1. In order to install the WN-3000RPV through Netgear Genie Smart Setup, you need to first make sure that your extender is placed right next to your home router
  2. You should have a working internet connection from the main router
  3. Now plug in the extender to an electrical outlet and wait till the LED light turns solid green
  4. Your wireless device that has a browser, computer/mobile phone, should be connected to the extender
    • For connecting via Ethernet wired connection, you can connect an Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the extender and wait till the LAN port LED starts blinking
    • If connecting wirelessly, search for the network name NETGEAR_EXT and connect with it. Make sure the LED client light turns solid green
  5. Next open your browser and select Wifi range extender (Wireless) and click continue
  6. Let the extender find your network, click to continue
  7. Now the password for your original wireless network should be entered and you can click to continue
  8. The name of your wireless network is the SSID followed by a ‘_EXT’ by default,select the checkmark if you wish use the same security and password for the existing network.
  9. You will get a message of change of wireless settings and warning to connect before continuing, if you changed your SSID and Password
  10. Check the LED on the extender for a good connection after you are connected and then click Finish to complete the installation